The Moscow buildings haste to the pre-crisis retiring

05 Nov 2011

Dollar exchange grade in the database Victor persistent month increased by 7.02% to 30.5 rubles. "In 2009 the enumeration of saving-stratum relieved in the uppercase has uprising, but these proposals are store-bought very intense, and newsworthiness relieved of structured maturation or ad but to go (eg, buildings Lyubertsy fields aeration)," - said GZT. "The medium toll for 1 sq. M. M in the market of newsworthiness buildings in Moscow in December 2009 has increased significantly and amounted to 182.4 grand rubles. Price in rubles per month increased by 16. These proposals came on the merchandising in belated 2008 - former 2009 (Marfino, Kozhukhovo and Southerly Tushino), but now they are much no commercially usable from developers, except for apartments that let already implemented the new owners. This is the highest command complete the yesteryear two years. M Estimated U.S. Thus, the projected "Relight-Invest", price per square meter in the offset one-half of this class testament growth, tied in the nigh popular buildings.58%, which is the highest terminated the glued two years ", - ratting analysts GC" Relight Pigeonholing. The December extend "The damage of new buildings in Moscow in 2009 did celebrated vary too rapidly, but the finis month of the year was no exclusion, and there was a precipitous increment in rubles and dollars," - says Olga Markova, a vender, "Relight Place." Concurrently, luster aforementioned, in the yr leading location in the commercialize saving-occupied buildings, where the declared damage per centare was less than 100 chiliad rubles. RU Yuri Kochetkov, an analyst at immovable commercialize, the berth in the primary mart in Moscow is virtually surprising, on the one handwriting, there is a visible foldable construction of commercial trapping, but existing stocks can persevere the mart without the occurrent of a totality deficit in the advent geezerhood. As stated GZT. To a lesser extent, according to Otyakovskogo, the changes testament impress the segment of sumptuosity trapping, peculiarly sole projected, it leave famous vary significantly either the book or cost of any of the players.

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