Advertising on buildings. How to advertise big and small builders?

Originally posted by nz8080 at New advertising. How to advertise big and small builders? New buildings – the most tasty morsel for the companies of the city. Make money on new home builders and electricians may, doors and furniture fitters, provodchiki cable television and Internet providers. Unfortunately, communication often limited thrown into a mailbox or a business card pokleennoy leaflet. Here is an overview of possible communications for new buildings. A. The easiest way to – to throw a leaflet or business card. Pokleit ad. But the effectiveness of these measures is very low. Grade 1/102. Advertise with the address on the corner of the house. The idea is very good. Simple, unobtrusive and does not look like advertising. But to whom this plate is oriented? The inhabitants of the house the next day – two turns antireklamny radar and they will cease to notice it. There remain only the builders and installers who are looking for a specific house. Here they are then it will pay attention. Score 3/10. Three. Plates with the numbers of apartments in the stairwell. They are more likely to be noticed by residents. And the reason is not the uniqueness of information, and in a convenient and close location of signs on the entrance to the staircase. Placing them, but do not repeat the bad experience of Beeline, placing their ads spur high above the doors. Rating – 5/104. Various board information. It all depends on the location of the board. By posting on the street, we give it to the destruction of vandals and street raskleyschikam. At the entrance, there is probably only one good place where the board will run at 100%. Near the elevator call button on the first floor. Where a resident of the house stopped and is waiting for a few seconds. Evaluation – 3-6/10.5. Advertising in the elevators. It has been said about a lot of good. Excellent location and duration of high exposure. Major companies have already evaluated it. (Pyaterochka, SPAR, Beeline…). But advertising in elevators is very expensive. Reaching a particular house, too, will fail. You have to buy the entire area and place small ads on the format. Evaluation – 8/10.6. Advertising on the doors of apartments. This idea was conceived for the company “Repair-Garant” specifically for placement in new buildings. At a special self-adhesive film is placed ad unit with the number of flats, which is glued to the front door. The point is that the new buildings on the doors do not have room apartments. Such an ad unit attracts attention, and a link to the builder and painting gives it a formal look. Important! Printed in the film, which leaves no sticky residue. Evaluation 9/10.7. And finally, another announcement that I was shocked at the time. This is the normal leaflet pokleenny on the tape. But he was stuck inside the apartment purchased in the kitchen. Score 10/10. For creative! These are the communications that I see in the ads in new buildings and are available, perhaps most of us.

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